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Who doesn’t love going to a Broadway show? But the thought of getting there is overwhelming. Getting into New York City is stressful, and quite a hassle, but that’s no reason to avoid going to NYC for entertainment just because of the trip.

Broadway is booming with incredible shows like the Lion King, Chicago, Wicked, Jersey Boys and the Phantom of the Opera, it’s well worth the trip to see an incredible Broadway show.

And Broadway isn’t the only reason to go into New York City. As concerts and sporting events and shopping and Central Park and sightseeing.

The biggest problem with playing a day in New York City is finding a parking spot. You can travel for blocks and blocks before you find a spot, or you can pay the high prices of parking in a lot. Parking in a public lot lends itself to its own list of problems. I’ve never felt comfortable giving my car keys to a stranger. You have to worry about things missing in your car when you go to pick it up. If you get out of an event like a Broadway show or concert and head over to the parking lot with everyone else. That just got out of those events, you often wait for a half-hour or 45 minutes to get your car, and then have to deal with all of those people to across town and out of the city.

Rob’s Car Service, will pick you up right in front of the theater and you’re immediately back on the road to your next destination.

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