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Designated Driver – Rob’s Car Service

Designated Driver Service

It’s party time! You been planning this for weeks. You’re going out with your buddies for a crazy night on the town. You’re fully planning on indulging in a few cocktails. But, you know you can’t drink and drive. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself, or God forbid, somebody else.

Even if you do manage to get home without hurting anyone, getting pulled over and charged with DUI is truly life changing. It can affect your job, your ability to drive, cost you a ton of money, and virtually ruin your life. Who needs that?

We, at Rob’s car service have the solution to your dilemma. We will pick you up at your front door, take you to any and all party venues. you desire and then get you home safe and sound.

Whether you want to go to New York City, Atlantic City, or merely down the street, let us take the worry out of your party and get you to and from, stress-free.

We’ve been a designated driver service for over 20 years. Never once have we gotten a DUI. Let us keep you from getting a DUI.

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